Sponsoring MageTestFest

As a Magento company, you know that being part of the community is important. MageTestFest is a real developer-oriented event. If you are looking for a way to promote your brand among coders, geeks and nerds, this is your chance.


Well, you can expect all attendees to be developer. However, within that description, you can still distinguish junior developers from senior developers, backend developers from frontend developers. And testing is important for all of them. By sponsoring MageTestFest, you can promote yourself as the ideal partner or employer.

We aim to have between 100 and 200 attendees from various countries (EU and abroad).

Previous events

In 2016, Yireo organized two Magento 2 Seminars. Each event hosted more than 200 attendees, combining merchants and developers. Our Golden Sponsors were Zend, New Relic and Varnish. On top of that, we had a range of up to 12 sponsors, all of them frontrunners with Magento 2.

Additionally, Yireo hosts various Magento User Groups, developer meetups, professional trainings and hackathons. We simply love organizing good events.

Sponsor packages

We have the following packages available:

  • 6x MageTestFest Sponsor
    • Includes a booth with bannering
    • Includes promotional items & media exposure
    • 2 Attendee Tickets
  • 1x MageTestFest After Party Sponsor
    • Sponsoring after-party drinks
    • Banners during After Party
    • Includes promotional items & media exposure
    • 2 Attendee Tickets

Are you up for it?

We still have a few spots available. So make sure you reserve your sponsorship on time. Companies that would fit perfectly are solution partners that embrace testing and are developer-oriented. If this is your profile, this is your chance!


Send us a mail at info@yireo.com