Workshops on Magento testing

The 2 days before the main event, you can dive into the field of testing really deep. The teachers are frontrunners in the PHP world and you can benefit from their personal attention. Pick their brains all you want. Be amazed by the eye-openers during these in-depth workshops.

Workshop day 1 with Sebastian Bergmann

Wednesday, November 15th 2017

On Wednesday, November 15th 2017, you have the chance to dive into PHPUnit and learn everything about unit testing and functional testing. A full day you will be given hands-on from the guru himself.

About Sebastian Bergmann

Sebastian is THE man to ask for a training like this. He is the founder of PHPUnit and actively maintains the sources. He is also working as a consultant and trainer to help developers embrace testing. In Germany, he owns a company The PHP Consulting Company focusing on these services.

The training

This workshop will - obviously - focus on testing with PHPUnit. You can expect the basics to be dealt with: How to create and run tests, what to test for and how to mock objects. Apart from that, specifics are dealt with as well: Best practices with assertions, XML tricks, test architecture and much more.

The training will not be focused on Magento 2 but clean coding instead. If you master PHPUnit (by being instructed by the master himself), you can easily see the approach Magento took: The rest of the conference days will focus more on the integration with Magento 2.


Interested in awesomeness?

Are you ready to dive into unit testing? Want to crank up your Magento quality by adding tests quickly? Then make sure to reserve your spot. There are a limited number of seats available.

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Workshop day 1 - PHPUnit

Wednesday, November 15th 2017

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